Welcome to our New Tenants- The Youth Work Alliance

The Youth Work Alliance

Welcome to our new tenants The Youth Work Alliance,who have taken up tenancy in Unit 43. They are a membership body representing local independent voluntary youth organisations.

They are a coalition of youth work organisations from across the voluntary and community sector offering support, representation and coordination to independent youth groups.

They facilitate and support their members to engage in youth sector bodies and consultations. The Youth Work Alliance represent the views of their membership to relevant agencies.

Youth Work Alliance members also engage with Education Authority Local Advisory Groups in the development of local youth work plans.

They communicate effectively with their membership and provide timely information to other agencies on issues affecting them.

You can contact and find them online:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NIYWPA/
Website: https://www.youthworkalliance.com
Twitter: @AllianceWork
email: [email protected]