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Oliver Magill RIP

NCBC is sad to note the passing of our esteemed colleague Oliver Magill on 16th September 2022.

Oliver was a much valued founder Board member who had served NCBC with dedication for over 30 years. With huge expertise in all building design and construction matters, he chaired NCBC’s Development Committee ensuring architects, builders and others were held to account. He led the company through initial design and construction in 1991, through the subsequent Phase 3 McCorry building and in purchase and management of the property at Brougham Street. He also played a key part in plans for Phase 4 and other potential sites.

There can be few Board members who maintained so active and relevant a role well into their 80s, even if the Zoom meetings during Covid proved a challenge! Oliver was always a friendly, humorous and supportive colleague who could be relied on to provide excellent, considered and balanced advice when needed. He undoubtedly played a key role in the development of NCBC and in ensuring good governance and gave the company more than could possibly have been expected. He will be very much missed by the Board, management and staff.


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