NCBC Participate in BCC Community Planning Partnership Consultation

North City Business Centre (NCBC) recently attended one of Belfast City Council’s (BCC) Community Planning workshops to inform the development of participation and representation of the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sectors in community planning and in its Partnership structures.

BCC has established a Community Planning Partnership comprising of the council, statutory bodies, support agencies and the wider community, including the community and voluntary sector. The Partnership aims to develop and implement a shared plan for promoting well-being in Belfast, improving community cohesion and the quality of life for all citizens. It will provide leadership, oversight and strategic direction for the community planning process and moving forward aims to facilitate more active and engaged citizens shape future reviews of the Belfast Agenda, the Council’s Community Plan.

The consultation workshop reflected on models and practice across these islands and focused on discussions to hear the VCSE Sector’s perspective of what is needed to connect the Sector to Community Planning in ways that add value and impact to both Community Planning and the work of the sector.

Dave Murphy, CEO of NCBC, said, ‘Participating in the workshop was very informative and provided an opportunity to learn about community planning processes and structures in other jurisdictions to determine how the Belfast VCSE Sector might be represented and their views harnessed for the benefit of the people of Belfast.’

For more information about the community planning process please contact the Belfast City Council Community Planning team at: [email protected]

Tel 028 90 320202 (ext 3320 or ext 6248)