New Survey Reveals Impact of NI Protocol on Small Businesses

A survey was completed by Enterprise Northern Ireland, investigating how micro and small businesses are dealing with the new trading environment since 1st January 2021, under the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Enterprise NI surveyed micro and small business from all eleven council areas, across all key business sectors from 11 to 15th February 2021 about their experiences, what actions they have taken, and their future plans.

The survey had 133 verified respondents from all key sectors.

It is encouraging to see that more than 60% of NI micro and small businesses, prior to 1st January, had planning and/or preparation in place, to some degree to deal with new trading environment but 21% of businesses have experienced significant disruption causing immediate concern for their business operations.

The survey also revealed that 31% of GB suppliers have, stopped or are planning to stop delivering to Northern Ireland due to an unwillingness to harness new processes and requirements.  NI businesses are having to rapidly find new suppliers. 25% of GB suppliers have postponed engagement and/or delayed deliveries until they find out more.

Enterprise NI will continue with these targeted pulse surveys throughout 2021.

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