Business Survey Highlights Satisfaction Levels with NCBC

North City Business Centre

North City Business Centre (NCBC) today published the results of a survey conducted with business tenants operating from the Centre which provides a range of data on the services provided by North City.

The survey was undertaken in the spring of 2019 and was completed by 93% of businesses in the Centre.

The key findings of the survey were:

  • The total number of staff employed by the businesses who responded amounted to 257. 137 of these staff were employed on a full-time basis and 120 employed on a part-time basis;
  • 89% of the businesses were either quite satisfied or very satisfied with both rental and service charges while 11% were not satisfied with either;
  • 89% of respondents were also quite satisfied or very satisfied with the condition of the business unit occupied;
  • 93% of businesses housed in units where there are communal areas stated that they were either quite satisfied or very satisfied with the condition of these communal areas;
  • All businesses who responded agreed or strongly agreed that they worked in a pleasant environment in North City;
  • 97% agreed or strongly agreed that NCBC provided a business like and professional environment.
  • In terms of the future training needs of businesses, social media for business and GDPR training were jointly identified by businesses where there was the highest demand for training. There was also a significant demand for training to be provided on Facebook, LinkedIn and on basic book-keeping.


Dave Murphy, CEO of NCBC, said, “We are very pleased with the high response rate from businesses to the survey which has provided us with a wealth of quantitative and qualitative data to help us plan for the future and engage further with the businesses operating from the Business Centre. We are also naturally very pleased with the positive satisfaction levels expressed by businesses about their experience of being located in the Centre and their perceptions of the services and support provided by NCBC staff.”